Bird Watching

A short film about outdoor recreation and murder.

Silent Morning (Dir: Tessa Di Nunzio, Matthew Gardner & Tim Green)

A silent morning catalyzes a discussion about theology between two hamburgers.

Dead Club (Dir: Damian Hoskin)

Dead Club, by Damian Hoskin, was created as part of the second annual Film Freo 24 festival in February 2014. Filmmakers were given a location in Fremantle, a key phrase (‘freo doctor’) and 24 hours to produce a short film.


We all know how it feels – sitting at that computer waiting for some inspiration to begin writing… But it just never comes!

Losing Thomas Eldridge

Daniel has left his best friend behind in another country, and so with the help of a teenage girl embarks on a journey across the ocean to find him again. Little does she know that his best friend is a teddy bear.