Bodhi Wraps Production


Last Friday we wrapped filming on my latest project as writer-director Bodhi.

The story is about Lucas, a 13 year old who, after his mother decides their dog Bodhi shouldn’t come with them when they move to the city, goes on an adventure back to his hometown with sister Bella to get him back.

By far the most ambitious project I’ve worked on, it involved a six day shoot, fourteen different locations, a dog, and a whole bunch of sim trav (a car, train and truck!).

Luckily I had a great cast and crew on the ride with me. I couldn’t have done it without any of them.

While the whole team worked their butts off, I’d like to single out lead actors Rhys Lander and Bella Freeman – it takes a lot of talent and skill to carry a film like this, and these guys pulled it off effortlessly – as well as my key creative collaborators – producer Jenna Popperwell, director of photography Paolo Feliciano and production designer Michelle Home.

Also a nod to script superviser Adam Paterson – a very talented director himself – who acted as my eyes when mine weren’t working properly because of hayfever.

Now it’s time to turn that wonderful footage into a fun family adventure film – a film that I hope you guys treasure as much I do. 🙂