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“Broken Wings” (directed by Daniel Pitcher) Released on Vimeo

Back in 2015, I worked on a short film called Broken Wings, directed by my friend Daniel Pitcher.

It was my first foray into ‘key gripping’ on a film – which I’ve been making a little bit of a habit of recently – and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of the project. Although, that credit doesn’t sit quite right with me – I was, after all, a one-man grip department doing very basic work.

A story that was very close to the director, it explores mental illness, and the way that shared experiences and friendship can help people to get through it and know that they’re not alone.

Director of Photography Meredith Lindsay is always a pleasure to work with as well. In fact, this whole crew was amazing.

So have a look, and be sure to like the film on Facebook – Broken Wings: