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One Week Until Cinefest!

The first festival screening of Bodhi is coming up in less than one week!

It’s exciting, as its the first festival screening of a film I directed I’ve been able to attend (Losing Thomas Eldridge screened at the Adelaide Kids Film Festival, but unfortunately I couldn’t get there) and it’s always good (and scary) to see how the audience responds to your film.

I believe I’m also doing a Q&A with producer Jenna. That’s scary and exciting too.

The film is playing as part of the Filmmakers of the Future – films made by filmmakers under 25 – at Cinefest Oz, alongside They Are Waiting (which shared a producer and crew with Bodhi), Journey, Riptide, Hellion and Two Girls, One On Each Knee. The screenings are on Thursday night at the Weld Theatre in Busselton, and Friday at the Riversmith Cafe, Margaret River.

See you there!