Raksha “Feel It Again” Single Videos

On Friday, Perth band Raksha released their latest single “Feel It Again” (Spotify | iTunes | Google Play), and I was lucky enough to get asked to make a couple of videos for the band surrounding the release.

The first was a short promotional video to be promoted on Facebook to build hype leading up to the single launching. This was such a fun experience, as I basically just got to hang out with the band at Poons Head Studio, filming them as they recorded their upcoming EP. It was an incredible atmosphere, as the band were having so much fun with the recording.

With the video, I wanted to capture the atmosphere in the studio, while teasing the song, which has been a crowd pleaser at performances for the last year. We begin with footage of lead vocalist Amber Scates singing, with the low-fi audio from the camera microphone, before a section of the mastered recording kicks in to complement a montage. I wanted to tell the story of the recording’s creation – the different parts coming together to create a cohesive, fun, whole that – young or old – makes you feel good, that’s for sure. I went with a Super-16 film emulation look in the grade, trying to match the vintage equipment the band were using to record with in the studio.

On top of this, I produced a background graphic for the band’s single launch, from artwork created by band members Conor Lawson and Amber Scates. Designed for the screen at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, I wanted to bring life to the artwork and complement the stage-lighting, without distracting or clashing with the music.

Here’s what it looked like on the day:

It was a lot of fun working with the band, and I look forward to working with them again. Perhaps next time it might be a full music video…

Our Leads 1

One Week Until Cinefest!

The first festival screening of Bodhi is coming up in less than one week!

It’s exciting, as its the first festival screening of a film I directed I’ve been able to attend (Losing Thomas Eldridge screened at the Adelaide Kids Film Festival, but unfortunately I couldn’t get there) and it’s always good (and scary) to see how the audience responds to your film.

I believe I’m also doing a Q&A with producer Jenna. That’s scary and exciting too.

The film is playing as part of the Filmmakers of the Future – films made by filmmakers under 25 – at Cinefest Oz, alongside They Are Waiting (which shared a producer and crew with Bodhi), Journey, Riptide, Hellion and Two Girls, One On Each Knee. The screenings are on Thursday night at the Weld Theatre in Busselton, and Friday at the Riversmith Cafe, Margaret River.

See you there!

Screenshot (6)

“Broken Wings” (directed by Daniel Pitcher) Released on Vimeo

Back in 2015, I worked on a short film called Broken Wings, directed by my friend Daniel Pitcher.

It was my first foray into ‘key gripping’ on a film – which I’ve been making a little bit of a habit of recently – and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of the project. Although, that credit doesn’t sit quite right with me – I was, after all, a one-man grip department doing very basic work.

A story that was very close to the director, it explores mental illness, and the way that shared experiences and friendship can help people to get through it and know that they’re not alone.

Director of Photography Meredith Lindsay is always a pleasure to work with as well. In fact, this whole crew was amazing.

So have a look, and be sure to like the film on Facebook – Broken Wings:

Bodhi Wraps Production


Last Friday we wrapped filming on my latest project as writer-director Bodhi.

The story is about Lucas, a 13 year old who, after his mother decides their dog Bodhi shouldn’t come with them when they move to the city, goes on an adventure back to his hometown with sister Bella to get him back.

By far the most ambitious project I’ve worked on, it involved a six day shoot, fourteen different locations, a dog, and a whole bunch of sim trav (a car, train and truck!).

Luckily I had a great cast and crew on the ride with me. I couldn’t have done it without any of them.

While the whole team worked their butts off, I’d like to single out lead actors Rhys Lander and Bella Freeman – it takes a lot of talent and skill to carry a film like this, and these guys pulled it off effortlessly – as well as my key creative collaborators – producer Jenna Popperwell, director of photography Paolo Feliciano and production designer Michelle Home.

Also a nod to script superviser Adam Paterson – a very talented director himself – who acted as my eyes when mine weren’t working properly because of hayfever.

Now it’s time to turn that wonderful footage into a fun family adventure film – a film that I hope you guys treasure as much I do. 🙂


My New Website

Welcome to my new website!

While in the past I’ve had a website documented my life in film, it was an eclectic mix of many films that I’ve worked on across many departments.

Now I’ve streamlined it to focus on just the stories that I’ve directed, which I hope will provide a better sense of me as a filmmaker.

Hopefully you enjoy. 🙂